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Design Festa

Design Festa is an international art event which takes place twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight West Halls in Japan. This festival is an incredible celebration of the arts with over 12,000 artists, professionals and amateurs, who exhibit their work. From drawings and paintings to performances, Design Festa is such an amazing opportunity to expose yourself to creativity!


I went to Design Festa in 2012 and it was an extraordinary experience, probably the starting point of a new passion: art and creativity. It was amazing to see people doing what they love and sharing that with everyone. A beautiful act of bravery! After the day I spent at this event, I felt inspired and full of motivation to set up my own project; Hidamari Design is the result.

If you feel like being part of this incredible adventure, by visiting or exhibit your work, the Design Festa vol. 42 will take place on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November; book your ticket to Tokyo!

Find more information about it by clicking on the image below:

If you are not able to go to Tokyo at these dates, you can visit the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku anytime during the year, or visit my Facebook page where I regularly share updates about the exhibitions 🙂

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