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London Design Festival 2017

London Design Festival at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert museum is always a good place to start a day at the London Design Festival. This year again, the museum acted as the guardian of beautiful treasures.

The Reflection Room by Flynn Talbot was among the flagship exhibits of 2017.

The designer plays with light, colours, space and, of course, reflexion. The result is a room which is both peaceful and engaging.

Reflection Room by Flynn Talbot

A little further away, lights are replaced by folded material. Transmission by Ross Lovegrove doesn’t sleep; the visitors are invited to touch it. There is a great temptation to squeeze one’s body in one of the numerous folds and enjoy this oasis of calm.

Transmission by Ross Lovegrove

If you haven’t seen it yet, it will be at the V&A museum until 8th October.

London Design Festival at Oxo Tower Wharf

The award-winning, landmark building situated on the South Bank presented many design projects and events, including the London Design Festival landmark project, Urban Cabin by MINI LIVING with Sam Jacob Studio.

MINI LIVING‘s project is about the future of urban habitats and needs. A very ingenious use of space that offers both simplicity and clarity, but also a reflexion on shared spaces and one’s footprint, reminding visitors that often less is more.

Urban Cabin by MINI LIVING with Sam Jacob Studio


How deeply do you want to connect with your city? – Inside the Urban Cabin by MINI LIVING with Sam Jacob Studio

The Digital Design Agency, Vitamin London, brought their exhibition to the Bargehouse. The industrial space of the former factory site definitely added a little something to the installations.

Digital Product Design Agency, Vitamin London, at Bargehouse

Vitamin London’s exhibition at Bargehouse

Bonus: Colour palettes inspired by the London Design Festival 2017

Click here to download the file.

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