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Expose yourself to… Positive News!

In the past few years, I became increasingly aware of the influence of what we read and see on the newspapers, TV and social media. We are exposed to them every day and don’t always notice right away the influence that they have on us. But being exposed to terrible news everyday certainly has an effect on how we think and feel. The ‘perfect’ life of our friends on social media is not much better for our self-esteem.

Stop feeling miserable because of things that you can’t control!
One option is to disconnect partially or even completely from those feeds; I found another one:


In light of this, there are two things I would like to share with you today.

The first one is the magazine Positive News.

Under the moto ‘Good journalism about good things‘, the media co-operative reports on progress and possibilities. Positive News is about being constructive and compassionate.

Positive News is not only a magazine, it’s a movement!

Examples of articles

You can join the movement for positive media on their website:

The second sources of positivity I would like to share with you today are 2 different websites I like to go to when I need a break or just feel bored and need inspiration:

  • Bored Panda: an art, design and photography community where artists and creators can submit their work.
  • Demilked: the website is all about art, design and photography and the artshakes they serve is worth looking at!

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