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Hiya! I’m Talissa, the graphic and web designer behind Hidamari Design. Welcome to my universe infused with British atmosphere, Swiss flavour and a Japanese touch.

I am passionate about creating brand identities that truly reflect who you are and the incredible story you want to share with the world. Turning your words into striking visuals is my motto. When working on creating a strong and memorable identity for your brand, your vision becomes my inspiration.

Your brand is your story!

Pretty is good, but not enough! I’ll always make sure that your design is not only visually appealing, but smart as well! User-experience is always a key aspect when designing a new product. Being able to present the information in a clear and concise way is one of my main priorities.

I am based in England, but work with clients from all around the world, in English and in French.

Let’s work together to create a cohesive brand that captivates your target audience!



Hidamari is a Japanese word which means ‘sunny spot’. I like thinking of myself as a little elf, crafting the most amazing visual content to convey bright stories; spreading sunny spots, or at least joyful moments, all around the world.

Crafting custom-made branding from England and delivering all around the world


  • I grew up in Switzerland, so no wonder that my favourite place to be is up in the mountains. And yes, I love chocolate!
  • I love coffee too! And I really enjoy discovering new coffee shops when wandering around cities.
  • Since I was little, I have always been attracted to the Japanese culture, its manga and anime. I visited the country many times and even lived in Tokyo for 6 months. That means that if you want designs using the Japanese writing system, you came to the right place!
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