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This travel blog called ‘Le Temps d’un Voyage’ is actually my brother’s blog. He left Switzerland in June 2017 with his girlfriend, Laura, both on a quest for adventure.

They wanted to share their journey with their friends, family and anyone interested and for that, they needed something easy-to-use with the possibility to add a lot of pictures. I created this website having that in mind. Their blog is on the home page, as it’s the first thing they want people to see. The blog posts belong to different categories (e.g. Bali, what you need to know before travelling, etc) that people can select in order to read the articles they are interested in. The sidebar includes also a short description of the blog and their Instagram feed.

The blog has 3 other pages: ‘About’, ‘Gallery’ and ‘Contact us’. The gallery page was particularly important for them as pictures is a great way to share their day-to-day experiences.

Let yourself be carried away by the audio and travel along with them for a little while..


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