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Martine Masson is a naturopath and aromatherapist. She has a holistic approach to medicine, seeing both the mind and the body as a single system and treating them equally. Martine wanted her brand to reflect the values that are close to her heart: natural, joyful, well-being, sunny.

Litha is the Celtic name given to the summer solstice, the brightest day of the year. This day is a great opportunity for celebration, including bonfires and dancing. The sphere refers to her universe bringing joy and well-being to her clients. LithaSphere is also an allusion to the lithosphere, Earth’s crust, essential to human beings.

A sunflower was a great way to refer to both the sun (Litha) and nature. And the round shape of the logo evokes the Earth, but more importantly, her universe. Through her logo, I made visible what she does and is passionate about.



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