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A few months ago, I signed up for the Thirty Logos Challenge, which is, as its name suggests, 30 days of logo challenges. Once you have signed up, you receive realistic logo design briefs via email once a day.

The fictional design brief outlining the details of the challenge for the 1-800-Rosebud logo was following:

1-800-Rosebud is an online flower shop which sells bouquets of flowers and gifts for any special occasion!

We’re looking for a logo that represents a flower or flowers along with our name, 1-800-Rosebud. We’re open to any colours but prefer something warm over cooler colours (blues, black, etc.)

Since this logo also features our phone number, the wordmark needs to be legible at large and smaller sizes. Finally, it does not necessarily need to be a rose, but roses are welcomed as well.


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